Ford Tools



It is the fundamental tool for agile cutting and precise, in wood and various types of materials

Being light and powerful and with a wide range of accessories available, they easily adapt to any type of application

It is used to cut wood, aluminum, sheet metal, ceramics and fabrics


For cuts in wood, take into account the pendulum action that is 50% faster

For work on thick materials look for high power products (600W or 700W) always read the instruction manual

It is important to always keep the machine unplugged while replacing the accessories



This tool allows straight cuts in:

- Hard woods

- White woods

- Laminates and agglomerates

- Aluminum

- Plastics and fiberglass

These saws have a guide to make parallel cuts to the edge of the piece, as well as a base to make bevel cuts at 15 °, 30 ° and 45 °


The diameter of the disc is an important factor in the choice of the machine since it will determine the maximum depth of cut that we can make

Cutting depth/Standard blades

Blade diameter

Cutting depth

130 mm

40 mm

150 mm

46 mm

160 mm

54 mm

190 mm

66 mm

210 mm

75 mm

230 mm

85 mm


Before using, the cutting depth must be adjusted according to the thickness of the piece, so that the saw blade exceeds a maximum of 3 mm of the material, this guarantees smoother cuts and better completion.

The more teeth on the saw blade you get, the more precise, splinter-free finish.

The smaller the amount of teeth, the more aggressive and faster the cut.



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