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Vacuum Cleaners Line Electric Ash Cleaner 1200W FCA-K405B

Electric Ash Cleaner 1200W


Technical Specifications
  • Electric Ash Cleaner 1200W
  • Tank Capacity 20L
  • Tank size¢29.5*31cm
  • Cable Length 1.5m
  • Blow Fuction
  • Double layer filter (non-woven fabric inner + fiberglass outer)
  • Ash cleaner, an easy-to-use & easy-to-carry vaccum cleaner that can suck up warm (60°) and cold ashes
  • Using a fire resistant hose and a specially designed filtering system for ash, it is ideal for cleaning the warm (60°) or cold ash from chimneys, stoves, or any wood-fired place
  • Red light when filter needs cleaning or replacing without creating dust
  • Color Box Packaging
Box Content
  • 1PC Hose (¢40mm+ 1.2M)
  • 1PC Alu Hose (¢3.85+ 20CM)
  • 4PCS Wheel

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